Read What Patients Have to Say About Our Tacoma Orthodontist

Here at Douglas J. Knight Orthodontics, we love nothing more than seeing our patients happy and satisfied with the orthodontic care that we have provided for them. Through treatments like Invisalign and clear braces, we not only help straighten and perfect our patients’ smiles, but we also help raise their confidence and self-esteem. Our Tacoma orthodontist Dr. Douglas Knight is at the top of his field, and his expertise and quality of work show through our patients’ satisfaction and kind words.

Here is what some of our Tacoma area patients and family members have to say about us:


My dentist, Dr. Rick Ouhl, referred me to Dr. Knight. My consultation with Dr. Knight provided the in-depth and quality information that facilitated a quick and no-stress decision to try the Invisalign treatment. I found this protocol for teeth straightening and mouth alignment to be so comfortable and effective, with little maintenance or time consuming cleaning required of wire braces. Without exception, each visit to his office was most enjoyable. Dr. Knight and his staff treated me like a queen. The results of this treatment are terrific, and I am so appreciative of this exemplary doctor, his knowledge, skills, caring and professional manner. No wonder Dr. Knight was nominated for the 2014 King 5 "Best Orthodontist of Western Washington"! He got my vote!!
- Linda


My son, Nick, was referred to Dr. Knight when he was only 4 years old. He had an issue with one of his teeth that we wanted to keep an eye on. Even though he wasn’t ready for braces at that age, Dr. Knight wanted to keep an eye on his problem area.

Every six months to a year, we saw Dr. Knight. Usually just a quick check to make sure nothing had changed that needed attention. Over the years, Nick looked forward to seeing everybody in the office because they were all so friendly! When Nick was ready for braces, it was an easy process. We were always impressed with how professional and welcoming everyone in the office was. Dr. Knight monitored him closely, and the end result was amazing! Nick has a beautiful smile! My younger son just got his braces, and we chose to stay with Dr. Knight even though we live in Puyallup because we think he is the best! We have been extremely happy and thankful for Dr. Knight and his entire staff!
- Julie P.


I had the unique experience of going through orthodontic treatment with my daughter; literally starting the process a month apart. Our expectations were consistently exceeded. I work full time and my daughter is a very busy student. The staff was always willing to work with us as our schedules got hectic and rescheduling was the only option. The staff were all top notch! I have two other children who received orthodontic treatment elsewhere, and I believe Dr. Knight and his team are the best of the best! Dr. Knight and his staff were always respectful of our time and never (yes, never) kept us waiting. All of the assistants were gentle and concerned about our comfort. Dr. Knight was fun but professional and came highly recommended both professionally and by former patients. He was very encouraging and at each visit shared positive feedback. There was typically some sort of fun, seasonal guessing "game" to keep all of the patients engaged and fun giveaways on the website. The overall atmosphere was calm, and the office (now) is GORGEOUS! We were consistently greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. Questions about our bill and requests for statements never problem! Very patient-centric.

I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. Knight and his fabulous team to anyone in need of orthodontic care. In my opinion, they are simply the best!

With a big smile
- Julie Z.


My general dentist recommended Dr. Knight as one of the best orthodontists in the Northwest who is frequently invited as a guest lecturer at prominent dental schools. That sold me! Once I met Doug and his outstanding staff led by the unparalleled Mary Jo, I was wowed by their approach to client service. Dr. Knight is very skilled which is the most important thing, but his office and staff make a not so fun thing pretty pleasant. From their smiles and great camaraderie to their rainbows of choices for braces bands and crazy flavors for molds, they are just there to please in the most professional way. I sent my daughter to him after I got my result. Thanks Doug and team!
- Lori R.


We entrusted our children’s smiles to Dr. Knight, and he exceeded our expectations!
- Drs. Steven and Susan



My teeth were originally so out of line that I could not bite down comfortably. Dr. Knight’s persistence and dedication to my smile had terrific results. I love my brilliant smile, and I don’t try to hide it. The staff were always so welcoming, and I enjoyed listening to them talk about the latest news while they tweaked and adjusted the metal in my mouth. They made the braces experience entirely worthwhile, and I thank them very much for it.
- Chelsea H.


I found Dr. Knight and his staff to be very generous and easy to work with. My experience with him progressed very smoothly until a few months before the end of my treatment. In a skiing accident, I managed to split a tooth perfectly in half. Dr. Knight responded immediately by coordinating with my dentist and endodontist to temporarily save the doomed tooth so I could finish my braces. Then, in a soccer game only seven weeks later, I took an elbow to the mouth that fractured my jawbone and dislocated several teeth, including the split tooth. Again, Dr. Knight made a great save, coming in after-hours to repair my teeth. His quick action saved my other teeth, and I was able to finish my orthodontia treatment with a specially-designed retainer to aid with my future implant for the split tooth. Dr. Knight’s prompt and professional action in both cases resulted in a very successful outcome to my treatment. I now have the smile I always looked forward to thanks to the competent and creative care I received, literally, in the hands of Dr. Knight.
- Johnny H.


Beginning with our first consultation with Dr. Knight, we were impressed with his attention to detail and desire for perfection. Seeing the results in our oldest daughter’s smile, we feel nothing but confidence in Dr. Knight’s work and are eagerly awaiting the same results in our other two children who are currently being treated. Our kids have never once complained about having to go to the orthodontist, even though we drive from Gig Harbor. Dr. Knight and his staff know how to have fun with the kids and make them feel special. Our kids have been happy with Dr. Knight’s office because they have never once had to go in because something broke or fell off, and this seems to happen to their friends all of the time. We are thankful we chose Dr. Knight and his staff for our children’s orthodontia and proudly recommend their office for your child’s care. The fact that my kids smiles looks great and we all enjoy our office visits is enough for me, but my husband, being a dentist, cares about things like their mouth, teeth and bite in much greater detail and has been very impressed to say the least.
- Dr. Roy and Karen K.


I started my dental experience with Dr. Knight when I was just 8 years old. Having to go through all the hoops of trying to get straight teeth at such a young age could have been scary or uncomfortable. But with Dr. Knight and his team, it was painless, easy and also fast! I remember friends always complaining about their orthodontists, but I can honestly say that I had a great experience in Dr. Knight’s office. From that little 8-year-old girl who had an over bite and crooked teeth, to now having straight teeth, I can only thank Dr. Knight.
-Katherine G.


To Anyone Who Wants a Stunning Smile,

What would high school have been like without Dr. Knight? I’m guessing a more painful version of middle school. In my tween years, I was emotionally scarred by the snide comments, both intentional and not, that referred to my crooked teeth. I cringed at pictures where my teeth were in competition with the perfect grins of my peers, and I often told school photographers that I “don’t smile with my mouth open” so that they wouldn’t prompt me with the whole, “Say cheese!” line. These gloomy days were ended with a trip to Tacoma, all the way from Federal Way, I might add, for a consultation. My former dentist and orthodontist had wanted my parents to invest in numerous oral appliances that had a pattern of coming on and off and then back on time after time. Basically, it was going to be a messy pattern of metal that was going to cost my family a lot of time and money. But with Dr. Knight, it was a simple three-year round of braces and a few months of springs, which were implemented only when I was negligent with my rubber bands. Staff was friendly and always made check-ups painless and comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for a better braces experience. I will miss seeing Dr. Knight every few months with his witty come-backs and genuine concern for my smile. From being the ugly girl all through middle school to winning “The Best Smile” my senior year, I cannot thank Dr. Knight enough. I love smiling in pictures, and it is such a good feeling to not be ashamed by my teeth. Once again I applaud Dr. Knight for having such skill, patience, integrity and sincerity in his orthodontia. I owe my confidence to him and his staff.

Happy Smiles,
- McKenzie P.


Our first experience with Dr. Knight was over11 years for our son, who was 14 at that time. We were referred to Dr. Knight by our dentist, Dr. Giesy. After our initial visit with Dr. Knight, it was determined that our son would need orthodontia work and would benefit from jaw surgery to correct his bite. Dr. Knight was very informative and educated us about all the options available, and we concluded that surgery was the best option. Dr. Knight referred us to an oral surgeon in Seattle who performed the surgery and follow-ups. Subsequent to surgery, Dr. Knight completed the orthodontia work and any follow-up that was necessary. Our son’s corrected bite and beautiful teeth are a direct result of Dr. Knight’s care and thoroughness with regard to his patients. Because of the positive experience with our son, both my husband and I had orthodontia work done by Dr. Knight with outstanding results. I would recommend Dr. Knight to anyone. Not only is he a great orthodontist, but a caring person. His chairside manner is comforting, and his office help and chairside staff are very efficient in getting patients in and out as quickly and comfortably as possible.
- Linda H.


I will miss our pleasant talks consisting of you putting your hands in my mouth and me trying to answer your questions. You and your assistants were wonderful; you made the awkward experience of braces quick, easy and painless. All of you were very friendly and considerate, even when I didn't wear my rubber bands. I definitely felt welcome every time I stepped through the door. I was also impressed by how you made a point to say hello whenever I came in for an appointment. I am no longer afraid to smile; instead I show off my pearly whites every chance I get! I'm now excited to take pictures, and I get complimented regularly on how great my smile is, and I don't mean to brag, but I have to agree with them, I do have an amazing smile. After my braces got taken off, my confidence level shot through the roof! You have honestly changed my life in more aspects than one, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. You’re the man, Dr. Knight! Thank you for the stunning smile and the cute girls who go along with it.

- Jake P.


Thanks to Dr. Knight and his staff, I love my smile! The staff was so great and helpful during the braces process. I always enjoyed my visits and was completely confident they were doing an excellent job. The staff is also very flexible. I was always able to make a quick appointment if need be. Thanks you!
- Kelsey T.



I had such a great experience at Dr. Knight's office. The staff was always friendly, and I could always get a quick appointment if I broke a bracket. When I got my gums lasered, I was so scared it would turn out bad, but they made it easy and did such a good job. I love my smile now!
- Maegan T.



I had a terrible ski accident in February 2010 and had extensive dental trauma. I had hit some trees on my way down the ski hill, and had a broken nose, stitches in my face, swelling and bruises. I was referred to Dr. Knight by my periodontist. I needed braces to straighten my perfect teeth before the accident. I went into his office pretty banged up and worried he wouldn't be able to fix me. Dr. Knight was so positive and took one look at me and said, "Piece of cake!" He told me he could get my teeth and smile looking great again in no time. I felt like crying. Their office was so nice and understanding. Every time I went there, the staff made me feel so comfortable with their warm smiles and service. It's obvious that they have a good time working with Dr. Knight, often joking with him and laughing while they work. I loved going there and would recommend them to anyone needing braces, young or old. He is very experienced and my teeth look great! Thank you Dr. Knight and staff!
- Barbara


My son has had significant special needs and oral sensitivity throughout his life. When we found out he needed braces, I panicked. How would we ever find someone to keep him calm, be patient enough and still complete the orthodontia? We were referred to Dr. Knight, and he and the staff were life-savers! They worked with Bobby to make him comfortable. He had very little discomfort, understood what was happening, and successfully kept his braces through the two-year treatment plan. The staff is caring, professional and all-around amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Knight and his staff to any parent, but particularly those with any type of special needs or fear of oral work! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!
- Paula B.


We have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Doug and his orthodontic team. The staff is always very pleasant in their demeanor and professional in their work, and although a trip to the orthodontist is not always high up on our “exciting things to do list”, the positive experience and results significantly limits the stress for the next time we need to visit.
- Mark and Annie F.


During my initial consultation, I was met with kindness and warmth despite my deep-seated fear for orthodontic treatment. Working with Dr. Knight and his staff has given me such strength and comfort as I move forward with treatment. The administrative staff, the assistants, and Dr. Knight himself always take care in treating me and speaking to me with respect and gentleness. What’s more, the office is clean, friendly and the level of service is superior. I am confident that I receive the most technologically advanced care possible combined with the finest quality of professionalism and tenderness.
- Julie


Dr. Knight and his staff provide a caring and comfortable atmosphere. As parents, we appreciate that the appointments are on time. The staff does a great job of scheduling to fit our needs. Dr. Knight always followed up after procedures to check on the well-being of our son.
- Tony and Julie P.

Dr. Knight and his staff are always friendly and professional. They answered all of my questions and always made me feel at ease. My appointments were on time, and I could always find times to fit my school schedule. I appreciated that Dr. Knight and his staff were so efficient that I was in and out of the office quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Knight to my friends.
- Ty P. (son of Tony and Julie P.)


I find my visits to Dr. Knight’s office always enjoyable, even if a little painful (physically, that is). His staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, making me feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. Even though it is a 2+ hour drive for me to get to his office, it is always well worth it as I feel like I am making a trip to go visit friends. Head and shoulders above the rest best describes the treatment I receive from Dr. Knight and his crew. In addition, I appreciate all the work that has been done to make my smile beautiful!! Dr. Knight is well worth it! Thanks so much.
- Debbie S.

We are very pleased with your orthodontic office, and my son, Cyrus, has little-to-no anxiety about coming in for an appointment. Your staff is always on time and courteous, and the appointments always take the amount of time you have told us. I would recommend your office and Dr. Knight as an orthodontist to anyone. Thanks for all you do!
-Shirley P.


Every time we visit the office, I'm very impressed with the quality of care my daughter receives. Their customer service is so exceptional; we always feel welcome and part of the "family." They set the standard on medical care and make you feel they really appreciate your business.
-Pam and Kiana R.


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