Information From Your Local Tacoma Orthodontist


We want to you to always be comfortable calling our Tacoma orthodontics office. No matter what type of dental correction gear your wear, whether it is traditional metal braces, Invisalign trays, clear braces or a retainer, we are happy to help you when an orthodontic emergency pops up. If you experience a problem, call us so we can solve the problem quickly and easily. 

In the meantime, there are some self-care actions you can take at home. Here are some of the most common issues people have with their braces and some suggestions about how to solve them at home.

Mouth Discomfort

When braces are first put on or immediately following an adjustment, you may experience tenderness in your teeth, mouth, and gums for up to five days. Rinsing your mouth periodically with warm saline water can help alleviate this pain, or you may take over-the-counter pain relievers until the adjustment period is over.

Loose Bracket

Loose brackets happen from time to time, and you can solve the problem temporarily by putting wax on it to hold it in place until we can have you in for an appointment. Be sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to have this corrected.

Irritation From Wires

If the wires on your braces are irritating your cheeks, mouth or lips, the simplest fix is to put a small amount of wax on the offending wire. When poking is the problem, you can use a pencil eraser to gently push down the protruding wire.

Missing Separator

Used in the early stages of a braces regimen, separators can eventually fall out when the space between teeth gets larger. If one does fall out, just let us know so we can plan to replace it during your next appointment.

Call Us In An Orthodontic Emergency!

The orthodontic experts in our office are happy to give you great advice for keeping your braces in good shape. If you follow their guidelines, you should be on your way to a beautiful, healthy smile! However, if there is any emergency, do not hesitate to contact us at (253) 627-5550.