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For years, patients have depended on their local Tacoma orthodontist to provide exceptional care and proven treatment solutions. Dr. Douglas Knight has helped children, teens, and adults achieve healthier, straighter smiles through alignment therapy using different types of braces and retention. Today patients in Tacoma considering braces can add TADs to their list of treatment options to learn about and possibly utilize. Although TADs, also called temporary anchoring devices, have been used for around 30 years, many patients have not heard of them. We are pleased to be one of the few orthodontic practices in the area offering TADs.

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS).

Stabilizing Teeth During Alignment

In some forms of orthodontic treatment, certain teeth may be used as anchors to help exert a corrective force on teeth needing realignment. Although this is an effective strategy, it is not the perfect choice for every patient or for every condition. Temporary anchoring devices are used to provide extra stability as teeth are shifted into their target position. There are other great things about this treatment option too, including:

  • TADs can take on the role of a tooth that is not present to act as an anchor
  • The tiny implants are set into place quickly and easily
  • Removal takes very little time
  • Placement and removal is a pain-free, minimally-invasive procedure
  • Many TADs patients experience no pain at all, and any discomfort felt can be effectively managed with over the counter pain remedies

Caring For Anchoring Devices 

Braces can require a little extra care beyond normal at-home dental hygiene. Temporary anchoring devices also require patients to take a little additional time and care when conducting daily hygiene, but only minimal extra care is required. All that patients need to do to keep TADs maintained is to brush twice daily as usual after dipping the toothbrush in an antimicrobial solution. 

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