Treatment To Prevent Malocclusions 

When children receive orthodontic treatment, one of the biggest benefits that they receive but that is more difficult to attain later in life is the opportunity to correct malocclusions, also known as “bad bites.” There are three major types of malocclusion, but the use of palatal expanders as part of a child’s course of orthodontic care allows the patient and orthodontist to take advantage of the natural growth happening during childhood to reshape that patient’s bite profile. The major types of malocclusion that can be corrected for by your Tacoma orthodontist are:

  • Crossbite: When the upper jaw is too narrow to connect properly to the lower jaw.
  • Crowding: When it is clear the jaw will not have enough room to accommodate all the adult teeth.
  • Impacted teeth: When a tooth has not come in yet and it is blocked from doing so by other teeth.

How Palatal Expanders Work

As your Tacoma braces expert, we will also be able to recommend the best course of action for expander use if it is needed. Expanders work by being custom made for the patient’s mouth and fitting over the top teeth. They are adjoined with a screw, which is adjusted throughout the course of treatment to slowly push the bones on either side of the jaw apart. The process usually takes 3-6 months and requires a few adjustments over time.

Contact Us To Find Out What To Expect

Generally, there is a little soreness for a few minutes after an adjustment is made, but adjusting expanders usually brings less discomfort than standard braces adjustment. The only way to know if your child would benefit from the use of palatal expanders is to discuss the option with your Tacoma orthodontist. To get started with Dr. Douglas Knight, request an appointment for your child today. That way, you will be on your way to the braces care you need. We look forward to hearing from you soon!