Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?
Posted on 01/15/2020
Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments on the market, second only to traditional metal braces. And for good reason: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible when worn and completely removable, making them a highly discreet and convenient option for orthodontic treatment. The technology for Invisalign has made huge advancements since it first came on the market, allowing us to use it to treat a wider range of orthodontic problems than ever, but there are still some conditions that Invisalign can't treat. As your Tacoma orthodontist, Dr. Douglas Knight and his orthodontic team strive to be a comprehensive resource for information on every aspect of orthodontic treatment, so we want to take this opportunity to answer a common question: can Invisalign fix an overbite?

Overbites & Invisalign

In the early days of Invisalign, it was a fairly limited treatment that could only be used to correct minor problems in the alignment of the teeth. Over time, however, the Invisalign System has grown more advanced and more powerful, allowing us to correct more complicated malocclusions. So can Invisalign treat an overbite?

The answer is yes and no. For minor overbites, especially when the overbite is caused more by front teeth jutting outward rather than skeletal bone alignment issue, Invisalign can be effective as a treatment option. Thanks to new developments in Invisalign such as Precision Cuts, we can even attach elastics to Invisalign aligners now, giving us much more freedom to treat mild to moderate cases of overbite.

However, for more severe cases of overbite, Invisalign may not cut it. While Invisalign is a highly effective treatment option, it isn't very effective for making significant changes to the alignment of the jaws and facial bones – and this is often necessary in the case of severe overbite. So while Invisalign can treat some cases of overbite, for more severe cases, we may need to opt for another orthodontic treatment like traditional braces.

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While Invisalign can't treat all cases of overbite, it's still an effective option for the majority of our patients – and if you want to find out if it can help you, we're here to help. Request an appointment today or contact us to learn more about Invisalign and see how it could help lead you to a brand new smile. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!